CBD Capsules

Silverback CBD only source the highest quality products to ensure you get CBD in only its purest form

Tablets and capsules are another  common form of CBD that is convenient to take orally. They are easy to keep in pockets and convenient to take on the go.

Once you  the CBD Tablets or Capsules your bodys  Enzymes help to break the CBD compounds into simple components that are then absorbed into the body through different channels.

How Many CBD capsules or tablets should you take in a day?

If you're new to taking CBD capsules, gels or tablets, it's essential to determine how many pills you should take each day.

The first few factors that you need to consider are the  concentration in capsules you’re taking. Here at Silverback CBD, we have CBD capsules in various CBD concentrations ranging from as little as 10mg to as much as 1200mg. The higher the concentration of the CBD, the fewer the pills you need take in a day.

You should consider your Body-weight and rate of metabolism. CBD users with a high Body-weight and high metabolic rate might require to take in more CBD than lighter users with a lower metabolic rate.

If you have already determined your daily CBD intake, this can also help you settle on how many tablets you should take.

If you're starting to take CBD it's recommended that you start with a low dose of about 10mg a few times a day. You can monitor how you respond to the CBD and adjust accordingly.

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