Coming Soon New Silverback CBD Product Announcements

Introducing Silverback CBD Spray Berry, Citrus & Natural Flavour Oil is made by blending multiple cannabis extracts that contain a broad spectrum of cannabis phytochemicals suspended in an MCT carrier oil, then enriched with other naturally derived flavours.

Our CBD oils are all naturally flavoured with real cannabis terpenes. We have carefully selected 22+ unique cannabis compounds a high-quality oil enriched with Broad-spectrum CBD and other naturally derived flavours to bring you mouth-watering taste reminiscent in Berry, Citrus & Natural .

These Silverback CBD Spray Oils  deliver a Specific dosage dependant on the Strengths which can be seen below: 

4800mg strength delivers 68.6mg of CBD each spray

2400mg strength delivers 34.4mg of CBD each spray

1200mg strength delivers 17.1mg of CBD each spray

This Product has been produced by BRITISH CANNABIS® for Silverback CBD