CBD Skincare & Beauty Products

Here at Silverback CBD we offer Skincare & Beauty Collections that have been formulated for all Beauty & Fitness Ailments 

With CBD  products from the Worlds Leading Brands Including  Face-masks, Balms, Creams, Acne Serums, Moisturisers to name a few items.

At Silverback CBD we offer Products  that are carefully formulated with pure extracts & are made of natural ingredients and prepared for your body to achieve relief and promote overall well-being.

CBD is not just for ingestion, and it can also be applied to your skin as balms and creams.

As we grow older, we experience different problems like stiffness, joint issues, muscle fatigue, and others.

At Silverback CBD we  support you during recovery from your various ailments with products including CBD balms and creams which can be a great help. These are a great option as they can  be directly applied to their Area. Additionally, it is commonly made with more essential and natural ingredients for better comfort on the affected area of the body.

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