Canabidol™ Access CBD

When we say we are the UK’s biggest CBD producer, it comes with half a decade of experienceWhen we say we do more than any other CBD company, it’s because we do. When we say we have won multiple awards, it’s because we have. When we say ACCESS CBD® is up to 70% cheaper than other same-strength CBD oils, there’s data to back that up.

Find out how 5 years within the UK’s young CBD industry has brought us to where we are today…

The birth of BRITISH CANNABIS®...

BRITISH CANNABIS® was launched with the objective of offering high quality, British-made CBD to a UK market that was in its early days and dominated by imported brands.

Operating from a small unit in Berkshire, United Kingdom with a couple of thousand pounds in start up capital, the business started a journey that would lead us to pioneer the CBD industry and set the exacting standards seen across compliant CBD products in the UK today.

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